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FXR 145 (WOOD)

FXR 145 (WOOD)
FXR 145 (WOOD)
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FXR 145 (WOOD)
visit manufacturer's website Goya
Volume: 145 Liter
Length: 258 cm
Width: 75 cm
Construction: WOOD
Sail range (min): 5.5 m²
Sail range(max): 9.0 m²
Fin: Liquid Pro 46
Type: Freeride
Fin box: Power Box

When I go freeriding up and down the coast here on Maui, at the Gorge or on the River in Buenos Aires I just want to ride comfortably and be able to relax, I know I will be on the board for a few hours and I just want to enjoy it, this is the board I choose for those days. (Francisco Goya)

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