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Viper (220)

Viper (220)
Viper (220)
Viper (220)
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Viper (220)
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Volume: 220 Liter
Length: 285 cm
Width: 85 cm
Weight: 14.2 kg
Construction: High Resistance Skin – Softdeck
Sail range (min): 2.0 m²
Sail range(max): 10.0 m²
Fin: Fanatic Viper Fin 34, daggerboard
Type: Beginner
Fin box: Power Box

At Fanatic we’re lucky to have a vast network of windsurfing schools to consult. This vital high feedback on beginner and family board demands helps us fast track your journey to a lifetime of windsurfing pleasure. Bucking the trend for short and wide boards, our advisors have heavily influenced the Vipers’ mix of modern concepts and proven shapes. Thinner outline and finely tuned CAD stretched power rocker curves guarantee a long waterline - essential for stealthy sub-planing performance and joyous first-time planing experiences. A daggerboard system vastly increases light air motion, and upwind pointing while adding crucial stability when cruising.

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