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Vibe (104)

Vibe (104)
Vibe (104)
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Vibe (104)
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Volume: 104 Liter
Length: 244 cm
Width: 62.5 cm
Weight: 6.9 kg
Sail range (min): 4.5 m²
Sail range(max): 6.8 m²
Fin range: 24-30 cm
Fin: 28
Fin box: Power Box
Type: Freestyle/Wave

Freestyle-Wave, Freemove, Freeride, however, let´s just name it like in the old, uncomplicated days „jump + jibe“. We all know how jump and jibe brought fun into the sport and having one board for everything is exactly what is necessary to remember the good days of „funboarding“. The Vibe is the „fun“ board for all sailors who love to do all possible variations of jumps and jibes and rip some moderate waves but still do not want to compromise speed. The Fun side of windsurfing!

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