Rushwind 2010 and Witchcraft Wasptail proto (update)

May 17, 2010

Many years ago Rushwind was a small brand that produced high end sails. As far as I can remember they were located in Oregon, Hood River and were part of the Gaastra development team. They produced some of the best stuff around. For some reason Rushwind seemed to have disappeared from the windsurfing scene. A few years ago Rushwind sails became available again. This time they are aiming at the entry market and price conscious consumers. I’ve seen them for sale in the UK and can’t tell you if they are available outside the UK or what prices their products go for. I’ve added their sails and masts anyway for your information.

I came across a prototype board from Witchcraft on their website. They call it the wasptail and apparently the tail has some flex. This should result in better characteristics in turns. Less rocker when going in a straight line and more when turning. Very little is know about this prototype at the moment, but I will keep you updated once more information emerges.

UPDATE (18.05.2010): There is a topic (Google translate) on the Dutch windsurf forum where Bouke explains a bit more about the principale behind this prototype. Could be an interesting one to follow!

UPDATE (20.05.2010): Bouke added some more pictures here.

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