Surfline Munich 2010 and more Sailloft

January 8, 2010

Surfline Munich is a windsurf company in, you guessed it, Germany (you were probably thinking Munich, right). The company is owned and run by shaper Klaus Jocham. Klaus has been shaping boards for almost 3 decades. Most recently he was responsable for the board design at HiFly. As you know, HiFly no longer exists. Klaus is now selling the HiFly boards under the name of his new company. He was one of the first to build twinser boards. Long before it was mainstream. Many of the design have remained the same, but Klaus has been working on two new designs for 2010:

  • Move 95
  • Move 108

This brings the number of single fin freemove boards in his range to three. There are also boards for wave, freestyle, freestyle/wave and freerace. You can check the full range on the website.

I added the 2010 Sailloft sail range two days ago. Now I have updated their range with their masts and booms.

It’s very cold in the Netherlands at the moment. Can’t wait for the temperatures to rise again so we can start sailing. I guess we’ll need to keep surfing the internet for now.

European surf festival 2009 and breaking stuff

October 11, 2009

Here is some more information about the European Surf Festival that took place this weekend. I only had the opportunity to go visit on Saturday. I was impressed by the organisation and the entire event. We need more events with this level of quality. Off course there was no wind on Saturday, but I did have the opportunity to talk to some people and look at the 2010 gear that was available. I already mentioned the new F2 Barracuda quad wave board and the new Angulo Magnum designs in yesterdays blog post. Below are some images from the rest of the event.

Angulo showed their full range.

The 2010 Fanatic boards.

Thommen boards (notice the bamboo)

Dirk Doppenberg is doing his F2 sales pitch.

Surfline Munich boards

Gun Sails 2010.

Kauli and Klaas handing out autographs.

There where many other brands like Point-7, Simmer Style, Goya, Neil Pryde, Oxbow, KA Sails, OES boards, Carbon Art boards and more. There was a lot more going on, which you will be able to read about in the upcoming issue of Surf Magazin. There are a few more images here

Now for the second part of this blog post. I went sailing today with my friends. The wind was a bit unstable but fun nonetheless. I went out on my F2 SX XL and North Sails Daytona 7.8. Excellent size for the conditions. I was sailing on the Markermeer when the wind picked up a little bit. As a precaution, I decided to go back. I was on a very fast downwind run when a gust completely blew me of my boards. I had the hardest crash I’ve had in the past years. Needless to say there was some damage. I destroyed my sail and North Sails Platinum mast. Board and carbon boom were still in tact though. I also have a big bump on my head. Needless to say that was the end of my day. My question is: does anyone have a mast and sail they want to sell me at a fair price? ;-)

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